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Merging all things business with the latest in technology. This is The Purple Tie Show. The Purple Tie is a marketing and web development company located in Decatur, Alabama. We specialize in small to medium size businesses in need of a website and/or online marketing. This podcast is a weekly show that features Robert Martin and Blake Singleton discussing marketing, technology, and all manner of side tangents.

Aug 1, 2017

The Purple Tie Show combines business, marketing, and technology.

EPISODE 100!!!

Can you believe it? 100 episodes. Nearly 2 years worth of delicious podcast goodness.

On this very special episode we have 2 return guests plus someone new. Y’all may remember Tina Sibley, of 5 Star Speakers. She was on a few weeks ago telling us about how videos are the best thing on Earth and how she was the best lady on the planet that could get you over your fears of going in front of the camera.

You may also remember Landon Porter of Getting Clients Without Being Salesy. If you want to sell something but don’t want to be a ‘sales dick’ as Landon puts it, he’s your man!

Last we have Amy Bernier of the Say Yes Revolution. She will teach you how to hit the pause button when you need to get away from work. You can find her on Facebook in the group Say Yes Revolution.

This episode is Rated R for mature audiences only.

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