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Merging all things business with the latest in technology. This is The Purple Tie Show. The Purple Tie is a marketing and web development company located in Decatur, Alabama. We specialize in small to medium size businesses in need of a website and/or online marketing. This podcast is a weekly show that features Robert Martin and Blake Singleton discussing marketing, technology, and all manner of side tangents.

Aug 15, 2017

The Purple Tie Show combines business, marketing, and technology.

On this episode we talk with Todd Thornbery of Build Your Best Body! He’s been helping out Robert and myself with our diet/lifestyle. He has a unique approach that has greatly affected Robert’s weight loss. We had to cut out a section in the middle because I had to answer an “emergency” phone call, and I’m kind of sad I had to cut it out. Robert and Todd talked about how they liked their eggs in the morning with the entire conversation culminating with the statement: “You wanna know the secret to eating that many eggs in the morning? Barbecue sauce.” It was so hilarious because Todd whispered the entire thing, like it truly was a secret. In the South, the secret is hot sauce. Usually Louisiana Hot Sauce.

You can check out Todd’s Facebook Group, Build Your Best Body at . Go check him out, he’s got a lot of unique perspectives when it comes to body health and weight loss.

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