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Merging all things business with the latest in technology. This is The Purple Tie Show. The Purple Tie is a marketing and web development company located in Decatur, Alabama. We specialize in small to medium size businesses in need of a website and/or online marketing. This podcast is a weekly show that features Robert Martin and Blake Singleton discussing marketing, technology, and all manner of side tangents.

Jun 6, 2017

The Purple Tie Show combines business, marketing, and technology.

Let’s nerd out for a second. Intel has introduced its latest CPU, the i9, with a whopping 18 cores. It’s ridiculous. It’s fantastic. It’s virtually impossible to utilize every core in most programs. But it’s neat!

Robert joined a Facebook group called 30 Day FB Live Video Challenge where you start a Facebook Live video once a day for 30 days. Pretty self explanatory, right? It’s a great way to get comfortable in front of the camera. There will always be someone in the group to watch you when you go live, and they’ll give you encouragement and critiques to help you get better. Robert is gearing up to do some videos for us in the future, and he needs to brush up on his on-camera swagger.

A long time ago, we had a dream of making a full fledged newsletter, with articles and interesting tidbits and goings on in the tech industry. Obviously, this would have been for FavGeek and its customers. But that never happened. Let’s face it. Getting people who are fixing computers, video game systems, and iPhones to sit down and write about those things is difficult. We put out a single newsletter and called it quits. There just wasn’t enough time in the day. But what about this podcast? Or even a video blog? Couldn’t those things be just like a newsletter? Of course they can! And that’s kind of what we’ve made the podcast into. Just a one stop shop for the interesting bits of news that’s happened throughout the week to us and the business and tech sectors. If you’ve got an interesting podcast or alternative newsletter, let us know! We’d be happy to give you a shoutout on our show.

What if your SEO game was so impressive, so all encompassing, that you could put in a specific search phrase LITERALLY anywhere on Earth and have your site come up first (mostly, Isreal, I'm disappointed) in Google? How amazing would that be? Well, we’ve done it. Just search for “purple tie guys” (without the quotes) in Google anywhere on Earth and we come up first. In fact, there was someone in one of Robert’s Facebook groups earlier from Spain that searched for us (I think she didn’t believe us) and sure enough, we came up first. FavGeek, too. Just search for favgeek in Google. Go on. I’ll wait. That’s what SEO can do for you and your business. We’re now able to be globally recognized, anywhere.

And one last bit of tech news, Google Your Primer is an app for your portable device that gives you snippets of business knowledge like ‘How to gather a social presence!’ or ‘How powerful is your audience?’ They’re presented like note cards, the lessons only take a few minutes to complete, and at the end you’re quizzed about the content. It’s a quick, easy way to stay up to date on your online business.

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