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Merging all things business with the latest in technology. This is The Purple Tie Show. The Purple Tie is a marketing and web development company located in Decatur, Alabama. We specialize in small to medium size businesses in need of a website and/or online marketing. This podcast is a weekly show that features Robert Martin and Blake Singleton discussing marketing, technology, and all manner of side tangents.

Jun 13, 2017

The Purple Tie Show combines business, marketing, and technology.

So, a few things out of the way. I forgot how much the Amazon Echo VIEW (not Show or whatever I called it) costs. It’s $229 and available for preorder as of this show’s initial release day. The Apple HomePod costs $349. And New York was the first state to pass the “free tuition” law.

This was a show full of updates! Robert’s been on the FB Live Challenge for a week now, and he’s killing it. He’s telling his backstory, and it’s super interesting! If you want to know about his backstory (in full, unfiltered glory), head over to the FB Live 30 Day Challenge group and give it a watch. He’d love to hear your feedback.

The Apple Keynote was this week. Hopefully the link I post will be evergreen, but we’ll see. Apple likes to take down their keynotes after a while. Like, what’s the point of leaving up last years keynote? UPDATE: I found a YouTube link, so I'm using that instead of the Apple website. Just in case.

Robert has also joined a sort of mastermind group that gets together once a week on a video conference call and discuss business things. Robert decided this week that it’d be better with wine. He was right. The call started at 9pm CST and ended some time after 2am. He didn’t finish the call so he doesn’t know exactly when it ended.

We talk about being constructive versus being combative to an idea. It seems like a common sense kind of thing, but some people can’t help themselves. They have to give your their dirty, two cents.

We also briefly talked about the Canon 80D that we bought mainly for video production. It’s an amazing piece of equipment. There’s this built in time-lapse mode that just KILLS it. I’ll upload all of our experiments with it later.

Oh, and our chatbot? Still needs work. To say the least. I probably should have planned it out a little better than just sitting down and DOING it. But whatever. It was a great learning experience.

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